In the last few years, the word “bushcraft” has been commercialized and as a result has lost much of its meaning. For us at BCNW, it still means possessing the knowledge and skills (both traditional and modern) that lets one travel confidently through the wilderness with a minimal reliance on gear. We also believe these skills should not be reserved for the occasional trip to the backcountry or emergency situation but be a part of everyday life. Whether you are a hiker, naturalist, Search and Rescue, Military or outdoor professional, we have a course that will enhance your knowledge regardless of experience level. For strictly city dwellers, we apply the same pragmatic approach to our new Urban skills course for surviving in today's concrete jungles.


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Our goal

The gear we sell is the same gear we use and trust. Click to view our selection of bushcraft knives and hard to find items. 

It's simple.  We're here to help you become a confident, informed and self reliant individual.  

Gain first hand knowledge with practical application in the field. 

Join us for a workshop near you.

Since we don't carry a lot, what we do bring along is made to the very highest standards of quality and functionality. 

because knowledge weighs nothing,

your gear matters. 

Meet Our Team

Mike Lummio

Founder, Head Instructor, Product Development

BCNW in print: tips & techniques

Kristin Garrett-Lummio

BCNW Cook, Webmaster and Marketing

Rick Sexton

Land Navigation, Wilderness Medicine

Bushcraft ​re-Defined

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